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Welcome to the Core Challenge every Business Owner Secretly Thinks:

“How do I attract potential clients and convince them to purchase my products and services?”

I always wondered, “why does the One Page Case Study and Proof Stacking Model produce such extraordinary results both online and offline?”

After years of wonder, I found the simple answer in a single quote by Author Steven Pressfield on Page 171 of Nobody Wants To Read Your SH*T.

It goes something like this: “There is an evil force of resistance that is constantly defeating us and bringing naught to all our dreams. We need to name that force, accept it as our enemy and figure out what to do about it”.

Here’s what I discovered …

The Main Barrier: The evil force of resistance is consumer doubt. Consumer doubt stands between our business and potential clients.

The Key Solution: The Consumer wants to see Proof.

The Doubter: What is going on in the mind of our prospects, or as we call them, The Doubter. Why do they say “No” or say nothing at all and … “I’ll get back to you”.

What They Seek: Proof that our offerings are reliable and suitable.

The Impact of Proof: Builds trust. Proof is the Magic that converts a “No” to a “Yes”.

The Power of Trust: Trust transforms skeptics into believers. The One Page Case Study and Proof Stacking Model is a mechanism that builds trust, strengthens relationships and converts The Doubter to a Buyer.

The 4 Pillars of The One Page Case Study and Proof Stacking Model

1. Identify Your Market

Who, What and Where is your Market?

2. Success Stories / Case Studies

Proof That Builds Trust

3. Market Insights

Market information demonstrating expertise.

4. Proof Stacking

This is a simple way of saying “Just Keep doing it”.


Unlock the full potential of your business with Ed Winslow’s proven marketing strategies.


With years of expertise in Local SEO marketing, Edward Winslow is a proven leader in the field.

Innovative Techniques

Edward has pioneered groundbreaking concepts like proof stacking and specialized case studies, ensuring unparalleled results for his clients.

Proven Track Record

Hundreds of businesses have experienced rapid and lasting success on Google’s first page thanks to Edward’s strategies.

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Proof Stacking and The Media

Watch my Video Interview with Bob Knakal as he explains the power of the One Page Case Study Model and The Power of Digital Press Releases

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Ed and Mitch
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1 Page Case Study and Proof Stacking Skyrockets Real Estate Sales in NYC

In this video, Mitch Waldman Explains How the 1 Page Case Study Model Brings in High Ticket Clients From Google Like Clockwork

“Build Brand Equity in your market.

When you Build your Brand,
there is no selling.

The clients come to you …

Ed Winslow
– Branding & SEO marketing expert

It all comes down to getting you more clients!

First – You must be visible to those who are looking for what you offer.

Next – You must prove that you can do what you actually do.

Third – Your proven expertise and established credibility must bring your prospect from the state of a “Doubter” to an eager buyer of your services.

Here is how it works…
This is what makes or breaks your business. You can try and try all you want and may have some success (or not), but in order to really bring in the clients you want, you must follow the rules of the game to make it actually work, from start to finish – and keep it going, to keep building your credibility (ProofStacking) and nurture your growing conversion machine – where every part of the machine is functioning correctly.

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Establishing Trust and Transparency:
Best Practices for Showcasing Authentic Client Success Stories

The “1-Page Case Study” is a high-converting business model that converts the doubter to a buyer with proof, trust and belief.


ProofStacking = Continuous Validation

Continuously add case studies that validate the success of your business, ensuring tangible evidence of your services’ effectiveness.


  • Gain Instant Visibility: Get noticed by your target audience and stand out from the competition with strategic press releases.

  • Build Credibility: Showcase your expertise and authority in your industry through well-crafted press releases and case studies.

  • Long-Lasting Results: Experience sustainable growth with press releases that continue to drive traffic and increase rankings over time.


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