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How to Increase Brand Equity for Shopping Malls with Branding and Publicity SEO

How to Increase Brand Equity for Shopping Malls with Branding and Publicity SEO

How to Increase Brand Equity for Shopping Malls with Branding and Publicity SEO

Niche Quest Media (203-762-1366) details how to increase brand equity for your shopping mall or retail outlet with branding and publicity SEO campaigns. Read on to learn more…

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

The New Main Street that Can Save Shopping Malls – Branding and Publicity SEO

Shopping malls have been an essential part of the American landscape, but they’re in trouble. The rise of online shopping has taken its toll on brick-and-mortar stores, with thousands closing their doors since 2017. More are expected to close in the coming years.

To solve this problem, Niche Quest Media developed a Branding and Publicity SEO service for shopping malls that produces powerful brand equity like never before.

Shopping center owners and retailers have an unprecedented opportunity to build powerful brand equity, increasing consumer traffic and revenues with prime locations on the new, digital “Main Street.” Online exposure in local markets is not only cost-effective, but it’s like having a brightly lit billboard front and center on every road in town.

How Shopping Malls Can Increase Brand Equity to Bring New Customers for Tenants

Since the beginning of time, cavemen would cook, trade, and conduct commerce in a center area of their camps (their “downtown”). Their residential housing (tents and huts) surrounded the center of commerce. Paths led to the next camp or village set up the same way.

This is how the world was built.

Over centuries, technology improved. Entrepreneurs developed trains, cars, and planes, which paved the way for new markets and opportunities. They expanded railways and built highways and airports. The local model didn’t change until the introduction of the mobile phone. The Mobile Phone is now the new Main Street.

Just look at NYC. Midtown is full of some of the most extraordinary skyscrapers worldwide, surrounded by residential housing in areas like the upper east and west side, Greenwich Village, and Gramercy Park. That’s the same model since the beginning of time, but that has been shattered like many business models. Likely you have seen retail vacancies, not just for prime locations in NYC but shopping malls nationwide.

As transportation grew and roads were built, mall entrepreneurs started developing shopping centers along the high traffic routes that connected one area to another area.

Retail and the shopping center/mall industry exploded starting in the 1940s. The value of a shopping mall was based on the price a retail tenant would pay for prime visibility in front of potential customers.

Shopping mall owners and retailers drove up prices and values for prime locations for a position in front of their target customers. They studied the local traffic counts, average income, attractive designs, signage, anything that could draw a customer and create brand equity.

Then the PC and Mobile Phone Changed the Shopping Center and Retail Industry

The advanced technology of personal computers and laptops led to the mobile phone. Suddenly, the caveman model changed. The internet opened unprecedented opportunities. Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many others became the new Main Street, the new highway, and shopping mall.

The Digital Solution to Increase Consumer Traffic for Shopping Centers and Retailers

Today, shopping center owners have a unique opportunity to increase brand equity and consumer traffic with a Branding and Publicity SEO strategy. The strategy includes:

News Articles and Press Releases – Getting local visibility online, developing trust, and building substantial brand equity for a shopping center via news sites such as Google News, Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, and local news sources.
Google Business Profile (GBP) and Maps for Shopping Centers are an essential part of a Branding and Publicity SEO strategy. You may also know this as Google My Business. This valuable tool is found via keyword searches, brand searches, and reviews. Many features include photo and video posting, social posting, directions, click to call, links to the main website, and search engine optimization.
Google Images for Shopping Malls – One of the most overlooked marketing opportunities is photo optimization in Google Images for shopping malls and retailers. Photos can be tagged with keywords to show in Google Images. People remember images. As a result, the more images a consumer sees about a shopping center or retail brand, the more memorable, increasing brand equity.
10X Display Ads – Display ads like those you see here appear on news sites such as NY Post, Fox News, USA Today, Yahoo, People, Weather Channel, Newsweek, Bar Stool Sports, eBay. The 10X Display Ad system includes ten different ads that rotate. A shopping center or mall owner can feature another tenant for each ad. The ads rotate, staying fresh in the consumers’ minds. This is a powerful way for mall and shopping center owners to build a strong brand people remember.

Sample 10X Display Ad appearing on the New York Post for Servcorp Virtual Office in NYC

Features Of Display Ads

Retargeting – By placing a pixel on a website, the pixel will capture website visitors. Ads will regularly appear in front of those visitors. Retargeting is highly effective for maintaining contact with a warm audience. This is a location, location, and location strategy for everyone on mobile phones.
Cold Traffic – Display ads enable targeting specific audiences by geographic area and profile. Effectively, it’s the digital version of a prime, corner brick-and-mortar location.
Display Ad Sample Sites

Fox News                 northjersey.com             siliconinvestor.com
weather.com           NYPost.com                    therealdeal.com
yahoo.com              siliconinvestor.com        ebay.com
townhall.com          boston.com                     bostonglobe.com
fox32chicago          newsweek.com              mashed.com
rollingstone.com    news18.com                   huffpost.com
zerohedge.com      dailymail.co.uk                washingtonpost.com
cbsnews.com         perezhilton.com              startribune.com

Branding and Publicity SEO Strategy Ideas for Shopping Center Owners

Shopping mall owners have unlimited opportunities to build substantial brand equity in their market.

Keyword Topics and Display Ad Ideas

Promote restaurant tenants by name – promote a new restaurant or something unique. We always look for angles to get ranked on Google.
New Tenants – Promote new tenants, which is a wonderful way to get online exposure for your new tenants. It will build your shopping center exposure and bring in new customers for your existing tenants as well.
Existing Tenants – Promoting your existing tenants is a valuable customer and good faith service. The reality is the more you promote your tenants, the higher the demand for space. The Niche Quest Branding and SEO strategies can add massive value with a higher Return on Marketing Investment.

Everyone is fighting for the customer. Either they shop at your shopping mall or someone else’s. Building your mall’s brand equity has the potential to create a memorable brand that gets the local community talking.

Contact Niche Quest About Branding and Publicity SEO for Your Shopping Center

Ed Winslow, the founder of Niche Quest Media, has extensive real estate and marketing experience. He started his career in investment property sales at CBRE and Sotheby’s International Realty in NYC, where he learned the value of brand equity.

He has invested in, owned, and managed numerous properties. He was also on the board of Sarakreek and Potomac Kreek Real Estate Investment Trust, which purchased, repositioned, and sold properties such as L’Enfant Plaza in Washington DC and 250 Broadway NYC, and many others.

Contact Ed Winslow via contact form or phone at the top of the page to discuss building brand equity for your shopping center or mall.