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How Top Real Estate Agents Get Exclusive Listings with Digital Press Releases

How Top Real Estate Agents Get Exclusive Listings with Digital Press Releases

How Top Real Estate Agents Get Exclusive Listings with Digital Press Releases

Despite the lucrative allure of the real estate brokerage industry, the odds of success are steep. Astoundingly, 75% of all new real estate agents fail within their first year, and 87% leave the profession within five years. Real Estate Success Rate 

The key to profits for real estate agents is an exclusive listings business model with 100% success rate when the property sells.

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The Problem -Representing Buyers with Odds of Success-10%

In recent years, with the lack of supply, it’s common ten buyers may be vying for every property. That means each agent has a 10% chance of earning a commission.

Consider this: the average buyer inspects 10 properties before making a purchase, as per Realtor.com. To chalk up just 10 sales a year, an agent must tour 100 properties and submit as many offers—that’s one offer every three days, relentlessly, across 365 days, with a 90% failure rate.

The stark reality? Even this grueling effort offers no guarantees of success. Clearly, representing buyers is far from a winning business model.

So, what is the solution? The answer lies in securing exclusive listings and pivoting to a marketer’s mindset.

The Solution – The Power of Exclusive Listings – Odds of Success, 100%

As an exclusive listing agent, your odds of winning shift dramatically when focusing on seller representation.

When the property sells, your chance of collecting a commission is 100%. That’s the secret to success in real estate. This approach is equally effective in both residential and commercial markets, across all niches.

The Excusive Listing Model Works in Every Niche

Single Family Homes and Condos
Multi-Family – 2-10 units including 300-500 unit complexes.
Retail – Strip Malls and Shopping Centers, Leasing and sales
Office Buildings – Sales and Leasing
Industrial – Warehouse and Self Storage
Hotels – Motels, Hotels, Bed n’ Breakfast

But how do you secure these coveted exclusive listings? One of the key tools at your disposal is the Digital Press Release.

The 4 Pillars Of Exclusive Listing Success with Digital Press Releases

The image you see below is indisputable. Bob Knakal built his business around exclusive listings. Every property he sold over 40 years is via an exclusive listing.

Bob is a marketer with a business plan delivering proof of success. Proof create trust overcoming doubt. Nothing squashes doubt like visibility in the Press..

Define Your Market – To get retained as n Exclusive Agent starts with a defined market.
Success Stories – You can’t just say you’re a real estate broker, you must demonstrate proof.
Market Insights – Reports, charts, data, they demonstrate your expertise.
Proof Stacking – Promoting success stories and market insights with Digital Press Releases are Powerful.

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Harnessing Digital Press Releases

Visibility in the Press in your local market will make you stand out above the top agents in your market.

Digital press releases elevate your visibility, prestige and reputation as a leading real estate authority in your market. Here’s how you can leverage them effectively:

Target the Right Audience: The average historical turnover rate for single family homes is approximately 7% per year (Less in recent years). That is 70 property sales per year per 1,000 homes. If you focus on marketing to 1,000 owners, obtaining a market share of 15-20 exclusive listings in your market is realistic when you follow the 1 Page Case Study System. Commercial Property turnover may be less than 3% since most owners hold their properties for 20-40 years whereas homeowners sell every 8-14 years. Depending on the market, commercial owners may own 5 properties. That would equate to 150 properties sold per year per 1,000 owners. (1000 x 5 = 5,000 x 3% = 150)

The key is to define your market first. That’s Step 1.

Small, niche markets produce big results. Big markets dilute your efforts yielding small results.

Showcase Success Stories: Use your press releases to promote success stories of how you’ve successfully sold properties. Real-life examples attract potential clients and build trust.
Educate Your Audience: Provide valuable information that property owners will appreciate. This includes market trends, pricing strategies, or tips on preparing a property for sale. Education builds credibility and positions you as the expert.
Use SEO Strategies: Optimize your press release for search engines to increase visibility online. Include relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and engaging headlines that are likely to be searched by your target audience. Everyone searches online.
Distribute Widely: Don’t just stick to traditional press outlets; broaden your reach through social media, real estate forums, and your own website. The wider you distribute your press release, the higher your chances of it being seen by potential clients.
Closing The Exclusive Listing Pitch: Show copies of your Digital Press Releases to a seller, they will treat you with the utmost respect. Tell the seller, you’ll promote their property with a Digital Press Release, you’ll get hired every time.

By focusing on securing exclusive listings with digital press releases to enhance your market presence, you shift the odds in your favor dramatically. In real estate, as in many areas of business, the right strategy paired with effective tools turn potential into success. But How?

How Digital Press Releases Work

6 Exclusive Listing Angles For Real Estate Agents

There are many sales angles for getting exclusive listings without competing with Zillow or LoopNet.

Promote Local Events – Trade Shows, local sporting events and business organizations.
Promote Your Name – Prospects will search your name.
Promote Properties for Sale or Lease
Promote Market Reports
Promote Your Recent Sales
Promote New Developments

Summary: How Top Real Estate Agents Get Exclusive Listings with Digital Press Releases

The real estate industry presents challenging odds with 75% of new agents failing in the first year and 87% within five years, primarily due to the difficulties of representing buyers in a competitive market. Each agent typically has only a 10% chance of securing a commission per sale, with the average buyer viewing 10 properties before purchasing. This leads to a high effort-to-success ratio that often does not yield results, making this approach unsustainable.

The solution lies in obtaining exclusive listings, which dramatically increases the chance of earning a commission to 100% when a property sells. This strategy is effective across various property types, including residential, commercial, and niche markets like multi-family units, retail spaces, office buildings, industrial properties, and hospitality.

Digital press releases are vital for agents aiming to secure exclusive listings. They help in defining the market, showcasing success stories, providing market insights, and using proof stacking to build credibility and visibility. Effective use of digital press releases involves targeting the right audience, using SEO to enhance online visibility, and distributing content across multiple platforms to maximize reach. By positioning themselves as experts and using digital press releases strategically, agents can significantly improve their chances of success in the competitive real estate market.

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